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Michael Allen Harrison

Michael Allen Harrison delivers music to the heart. His classical contemporary style carves a distinct niche of timeless music that has connected with thousands throughout his three decade career. Michael is an American composer, songwriter and pianist from 

Portland, Oregon. As an iconic artist, he is known for his magical piano solo performances and recordings, his upbeat sound with his band, his work with inspiring vocalist Julianne Johnson, his skills producing and creating music for ballet, theater and film, his love for teaching and for his giving spirit. Michael is the founder and president of the Snowman Foundation, The Play It Forward Program, the Ten Grands concert series, and the beloved Christmas At The Old Church concert series, approaching its 30th season. He has created over sixty five albums released through MAH Records.

John Nilsen

John Nilsen is a pianist, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter and one of the Pacific Northwest’s most successful performance and recording artists. Nilsen is a native of the Pacific Northwest, born in Seattle and raised primarily in Portland, where he has been a resident for many years.  Nilsen began studying piano from his mother at age six and taught himself to play guitar at age twelve.   He attended Southern Oregon University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English.  He loves to get out on the rivers, into the forests and onto the mountains of the region.  The people, landscapes, weather, and tenor of life in the Pacific Northwest frequently influence Nilsen’s musical themes.

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Janice Scroggins

Janice Scroggins was one of the most in-demand pianists in the Northwest. She played on several recordings by other artists like Eddie Harris, Tom McFarland's first album, all three Esquires albums, and her own album- 

Janice Scroggins Plays Scott Joplin, Janice played the ragtime classics with a completely different feel from the usual "forty cups of coffee" technique, that is, much more slowly and deliberately. This is fully in keeping with Joplin's specific instruction that "it is never right to play ragtime fast." Moreover, she takes certain liberties with the printed page, adding an intro here or a left hand run there. The result is a fascinating interpretation of Scott Joplin's work. The rags are a revelation at the somewhat more stately tempo, and the other compositions are played with what can only be called "a whole lot of soul." This was the only recording to date on which Janice Scroggins is the named headline artist until "Piano Love". This  piano solo recording truly captures Janice's heart and love for the piano. Janice was born in 1955 in Idabel, Oklahoma. She began performing as a pianist at the age of three. Her mother and grandmother both played piano or organ in church, and Janice particularly credits her grandmother with influencing her left hand technique with her stride-oriented approach. Janice moved to Portland in 1978 with her infant daughter in arms, and lived in Portland  with her family, playing constantly with so many musicians that it would be difficult to list them here. She had also been a featured performer in the iconic show "Ten Grands " for 13 years. Everyone loves to hear Janice play…

The Portland music community was deeply shocked from the death of one of its beloved musicians, piano legend Janice Scroggins. Janice left us way too young at age 58. Her legendary skill on the eighty-eights put her on the A List of pianists in Portland Oregon for gospel, jazz and blues. Piano Love is her 2nd and last album and was named album of the year by the

Oregon Music Hall Of Fame. This is a must have album. A great mix of standard and original music played with a deep heart and soul of a master. Piano Love By the late great Janice Scroggins is her last Album before she passed away in 2014. It's a true documentation of her deep genius and soul. Janice was a Portland icon, loved by her community

and so respected by her fellow musicians.